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VibAnalyst TM is the First Machinery Condition Monitoring Software conceived and developed in India. It has been coined by highly experienced & creative team of Condition Monitoring engineers and skilled software developers This software has evolved from the concept of uni-versality in Machinery Vibration and Condition Monitoring data management for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and MIMOSA environments.

VibAnalystTM has broken one-datacollector-one software convention and has embedded in itself a unique capability of interacting with multiple Vibration Data Collectors and Analyzers. This list of compatible vibration and condition monitoring instruments is long and ever expanding.

VibAnalystTM is a Preventive maintenance (PdM) software and helps in establishing the root cause of fault. It encourages the user to track the measurements over time and take corrective actions much before breakdown of equipment.


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Features & Functionalities

Vibanalyst Most Compatible Offering
Condition Monitoring Software
Faults that can be detected through   VibAnalystTM
Instruments Currently Compatible With


  • Misalignment
  • Belt Drive Problems
  • Rotor Rub
  • Hydraulic and Aerodynamic forces
  • Mass Unbalance
  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Gear Faults
  • Bent Shafts
  • Motor Current Faults
  • Bearing Damages
  • Cavitation
  • Many Others

Several Models of Single, Dual and Four Channel Vibration Analyzer manufactured by:


  • SKF Condition Monitoring, UK
  • Kohtect Instruments, UKRAINE
  • Benstone Instruments, USA
  • IMV Instruments, Japan
  • Rockwell Automation, USA
  • Also with instruments having output in UFF, WAV, CSV format
  • Many more devices will be compatible soon
  • Customization for OEMs