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About VibAnalyst
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Unique Attributes

VibAnalystTM has a unique characteristic of providing multiplicity. In that it can be singular as well as multiple in its hue. It can be a single license or networking license software. It can run on multiple types of databases and can interact with variety of data collectors of different manufacturers

VibAnalystTM can operate from anywhere and everywhere and it can be used for-ever without up gradation. However it allows user to add upgrades at will. It has highly user-friendly Windows Like intuitive operation and navigation. It is equally simple to learn and provides conveniences for its user beyond expectations. With all this, high resolution display of 1152 x 864 pixels, and extensive route management capabilities, VibAnalystTM is an inexpensive utility.

Unique Attributes
  • Five levels hierarchy
  • Use for Ever - Comes without a time lock or upgrade compulsion
  • Comprehensive Route uploads and downloads to Data Collector
  • Extremely User Friendly Operation and Navigation
  • Runs and is compatible with Multiple Databases
  • Simple to learn and master with basic skill sets
  • Exceeds Common Requirements of Analysts
  • High Resolution displays
  • Cost Effective and Intuitive

VibAnalystTM meets the need of efficient data management and intelligent analytical formatting. It has simple and intuitive data display and structuring facility that make it highly user friendly. In its current form VibAnalystTM is Vibration Data Collector cum Vibration Analysis and Route Management Software.

The Underlying Strengths
  • Multiple Compatibility - several Data Collectors and Analyzers
  • Multiple options for every feature and function
  • Emphasis on speed versus memory use
  • Simpler installation procedure
  • Single or Networking Options.
  • Customization for OEMsFIELDPAQ