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VibAnalystTM is designed with the aim, to allow any hardware user to work with VibAnalystTM. It is intended to break the notion of proprietary software for every vibration analyzer / data collector. It is therefore compatible with many such devices currently in use with the Vibration Analyst Community. However many more devices may become compatible with VibAnalystTM in the days to come. These instruments can use any communication protocol i.e. Active Sync or RS 232 or both.

C911: (2-Channels) FFT Data Collector, Signal Analyzer with Bearing Condition & Balancing

The C911 offers a high performance 6400 lines, extra power and convenience of two-channel FFT data measurement and signal analysis by two accelerometers. It can be used in almost every industrial maintenance for quick monitoring and FFT signal diagnosis of machine condition. It also allows correction of dynamic  imbalance of machine for up to 8-planes mode. The analyzer is  compact and weights around 800 gram. It also has IP 65 rugged  housing with silicon protector to withstand for harsh environment. The option of add-on laser alignment capability delivers a premium  return on investment for C911-SA model.


C911 key feature includes:
  • Overall values measurement Acceleration, Displacement & Velocity mode

  • Frequency and time domain measurements, enveloping detector

  • 32kHz FFT spectrum diagnosis (amplitude & enveloping)

  • Bearing condition monitoring

  • Balancing program – up to 8 planes, up to 14 points

  • Standard file system FAT16, use of standard SD (or mini, micro SD) card provide up to 1GB memory for data storage

  • RPM measurement

  • Laser shaft alignment (optional)

  • Power generation

  • Pulp & paper

  • Petrochemical

  • Oil & gas Pharmaceutical

  • Processing industries

  • Desalination plants

  • Water Filtration Plants

  • Shipping vessel

  • Engineering services etc…

Instrument Measurement Capabilities
  • Route Enabled

  • Linear or exponential averaging

  • Time Synchronous Averaging

  • Bump Test

  • On site rolling bearings tester.

  • Spectrum/Waveform

  • Demodulation

  • Keypad Entry

Fieldpaq-II: 4 channel handheld analyzer

It is a portable 4 channel real-time analyzer that is built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field. It is competent for working in harsh environments, and thus have an IP 65 rating. It is equipped with a large 5-inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touch screen giving it a clear display. It works on Microsoft's powerful WinCE operating system and touch screen operation. Fieldpaq II acquires measurement signal with precision 24 bit sigma delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range, up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth. Fieldpaq II is powered by a 800 MHz CPU for running the Windows CE system and the fastest commercially available DSP chip TI TMS320C6713B for performing signal analysis at extremely fast real-time rates.

Salient Features:-

Route Based Data Collector

Fieldpaq II’s data collector module supports simultaneous triaxial and 4 channel measurements, saving many work hours in the field. High frequency spike detection and demodulated spectrum analysis is a standard feature for effectively indentifying bearing and gear faults at earlier stages of failure. By displaying fault frequencies, alarm levels and band alarms on the plots, problems of the machines are identified easily at one glance. Coupled with the powerful iSee computer based condition monitoring software, Benstone Instruments provides a most effective solution for your condition monitoring needs.

Vibration Meter

The overall vibration level is a basic parameter for determining a machine's operational condition. By simulating the operation of an analog meter, Fieldpaq II?s vibration meter program performs time domain integration, filtering, root mean square (RMS) calculations and true peak detection for accurate measurements of vibration levels. One to Four channels can be measured at the same time, displaying the results to a trend chart, bar chart, or you may record the data continuously to a file. Easily check vibration severity with the built-in ISO 10816-3 standard. The user may select different filter settings for specialized measurements.

Rotor Balancing

The Fieldpaq II’s balancing software package supports simultaneous 4 channel measurements with multiple point balancing technique. Now with multiple-point balancing, vibration in BOTH horizontal and vertical directions is minimized at the same time. By conducting coast-down measurements for 1X vibration, the heavy spot can be easily identified with only one measurement saving you time, money and increasing safety. This technique prevents the user from danger by putting the trial weights in the wrong place, and shortens the balance time. Other features/ functions are:

FFT Spectrum Analysis

Fieldpaq II’s FFT program allows you to conduct cross-channel analysis such as FRF, coherence, and cross power spectrum that are required for modal test, ODS testing or sound intensity measurements. Also supported is continuous spectral measurements and waterfall display, which is required for analysis of varying speed machines. • General vibration analysis • Sound intensity measurement • Modal testing • Operational deflection shape measurement • Bearing diagnosis



Powered by MS WinCE and high speed floating pointer DSP chip, Fieldpaq vibration analyzer system is a new standard for advanced sound and vibration test in the field. The compact and light-weight (1.9 lbs) instrument can be held and operated with single hand. The analyzer supports 3 channel non-synchronized analysis, which can be used with a tri-axial accelerometer in the field. Fieldpaq supports a compact flash card storage system and USB interface for storage of large data files and facilitates simple transfer via USB port.

The high resolution color TFT display of the fieldpaq provide a clearer view of data. Fieldpaq can be efficiently used to perform most advanced analysis at extremely high real-time rates.

Salient Features:-
  • Powered by MS Windows CE.
  • 3 channel Vibration or Vibration with Tacho non-synchronized analogue inputs .
  • Timewave forms , FT Polar Plots and Waterfall displays.
  • 3 channel data collector with CMMS/ Route Collector Software.
  • Octaves 1/1 & 1/3 to 1/12 .
  • Built in ISO 1940 and ISO 10816-3 standard .
  • Frequency range from 0 Hz to 40kHz.  
  • 12800 lines of resolution.
  • Built in Bearing Fault Frequencies for common bearings.
  • Multiple Screen Displays, Alarms, Cursors, Averages  & Zoom.
  • Flexible Options of display Combinations and patterns
  • Dedicated Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis Software
  • IP 65 Sealing
Impaq Vibration Analyzer

With four input channels, Impaq has made field vibration analysis more easier and convenient than ever. Impaq vibration analyzer may be used to perform advanced vibration measurements and multi-channel sound in the field. The real time Impaq vibration analyzer is equipped with tri-axial accelerometer for in-field modal testing, ODS testing, etc.

Powered by fastest commercial DSP chip available in the world (TI TMS320-6711), Impaq integrates all the necessary subsystems into a compact metal housing. The long lasting lithium-ion battery supports the system for least 8 hours. 2 channel real time Impaq vibration analyzer is designed to streamline in-field testing with intuitive operation and user friendly navigation of menus.

Salient Features:-
  • Powered by MS WinCE.
  • Color TFT LCD screen.
  • 4 + 1  channel data collector Plus Tacho format with CMMS/ Route Collector Software.
  • Octaves 1/1 & 1/3 to 1/12 .
  • Built in ISO 1940 and ISO 10816-3 standard .
  • Frequency range from 0 Hz to 40kHz.
  • 12800 lines of resolution.
  • Built in Bearing Fault Frequencies for common bearings
  • Multiple Screen Displays, Alarms, Cursors, Averages  & Zoom.
  • Flexible Options of display Combinations and patterns
  • Dedicated Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis Software
  • IP 65 Sealing
  • High quality aluminum housing offers excellent EMI protection
  • USB interface
DC-460 Data-collector

DC-460 is a powerful, real-time, data collector. Designed to simplify the task and increase the speed of collecting condition monitoring data. It is ideally suited for use in a wide range of industries such as paper, petrochemical and primary metals.

DC-460 is capable of measuring, processing, displaying & storing a wide range of measurement parameters. It can collect various types of field data, including vibration information, bearing assessment and process variables DC-460 enables you to expand its functionality by adding new modules to enhance your analysis capabilities. Simply choose the module required and upload it to the DC-460.

Key features
  • Portable & Rugged
  • Bright colour display
  • 2 channel data collection
  • Modular in nature
  • With VibAnalyst™ Software
  • ISO 10816 Checks Optional
  • Windows CE
  • Expandable by application modules
ENPAC 1200/2500/Dynamix Portable Data Collector

A portable data collector that is designed for condition-monitoring data collection, analysis, and root cause correction in applications with rotating equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and gearboxes. The Dynamix™ 2500 data collector is a real-time, multichannel fast Fourier transformer (FFT) analyzer and data collector for predictive maintenance and machinery vibration diagnostics. It can measure, process, display, and store a wide range of analysis functions. It can operate as a standalone instrument or you can download your measurements to your software application for program analysis