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VibAnalystTM lays emphasis on speed instead of memory use, and has simpler installation procedures. It provides Easy upload and download of data. In line with its core characteristic of being user friendly and multiplicity, it provides multiple manipulative options for every feature and function. This helps in facilitating intelligent formatting for identification of patterns and indications in the data. For any errors it creates Error Logs for correction as appropriate. This in turn becomes a great training and learning tool. Above all this VibAnalystTM is open for Customization for OEMs. It has endless list of Facilities which can be only appreciated through personal experience.

VibAnalystTM can apply create, Open, Modify, Delete, Upload, Copy, Paste, Search, Find and Replace facilities seamlessly across the Hierarchy and its nodes. The facilities work smoothly on parameters, databases and on several dozens of reports available in VibAnalystTM

VibAnalyst™ has an endless pool of conveniences to help the users in carrying out accurate machinery vibration analysis. In that it has numerous in-built and customized data analysis and manipulation tools. To list a few, it allows following :
  • Automatic Creation of hierarchy from existing database
  • Modifiable customized and Standard Report settings.
  • Compatible with multiple Vibration Data Collectors and Analyzers     
  • Reports in all common formats
  • Navigate through the hierarchy on the mouse click
  • Access Instrument through the software.
  • Prioritizations of Graph and Data.
  • Windows like functions on routes and nodes
  • >50, In-built standard and exception / overdue report formats
  • Flexibility of Database management.
  • Simultaneous view of spectrum and trend – VibAnalyst™ is a facility which provides common as well as unique features to improve upon the convenience in operation. It provides for simultaneous view of the spectra and trend which helps in monitoring the changes in behavior of machine parts.
  • Trending in multi dimensions – There is expansion of trending available to multi – dimension trending, which is commonly referred to as Waterfall Diagrams.
  • Preset Alarms on point values- An Array of alarms is available for selection and applying to the displays. These can be preset during the design of root as well.
  • Display of Overall Values and band parameters – With every FFT spectra the overall values and parametric information of the additional selections is also displayed.
Alarms and Exceptions
In Particular VibAnalyst™ has been designed to keep the needs of engineers in mind. All exceptional indicators and patterns are therefore taken into consideration in its design. VibAnalyst™ therefore comes with facilities of:
  • Multiple types of Band, Percentage and Deviation Alarms –
    Alarms on Bearing Defect Frequencies, Gear Defect Frequencies etc.
  • Alarms status checking and management    and  many more..

Data Manipulation
Most Vibration Analyst wish to have all the historical data available to them for comparison and contrast. This helps them in finding out the historical linkages and to the faults that they perceive in the spectrum under examination. In order to allow this facility and to allow data manipulation according to different mathematical and statistical approaches, VibAnalyst™ has several such tools in-built . This capacity is, however, ever-expanding and more and more tools are getting embedded into it. Some of the existing capabilities are :
  • View basic data of a point on a single click
  • Enter new data and alpha numeric notes manually
  • Optionally - Change the data manually
  • User defined displays.
  • Trend Spectrum.
  • Cursors –Side Band, Harmonic, Cross, Delta, Peak.
  • Copy graph to Microsoft Office documents.
  • Zoom, Unzoom and Area Fill Graphs