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VibAnalystTM is very rich on features. It has almost all the features any Vibration Analyst looks for. It has a battery of highly powerful functions which help the analyst in analyzing the data in many ways. Over & above this, user friendliness is achieved using most advanced facilities. These help in networking of users, fast but simpler navigation, naming & labeling freedom within the hierarchy, backup & storage of databases, management of display toolbars, prioritizing of graphs & data and management of colors of graphs. Similarly the reporting has facilities for designing of layout of formats by interacting with other word processors / spread sheets. These customized reports could include spectra and trend and can be set at user's will and they can be generated even when other functions are being performed by the software. Colored displays on the PC provide a bird's eye view of plant health at any point. Expansions at any level bring that level & its health into focus.


Functions & Functionalities

VibAnalystTM incorporates a large array of functions & their functionalities within itself. Unlike other similar software VibAnalystTM is composite whole software. It does not involve smaller modules to achieve data management and data analysis. It is integrated software managing, data / graph zoom / area display, alarm / cursor management and single, dual or multidimensional analysis. The principles of multiplicity, flexibility & customization play great role in these functionalities. The defaults have been provided in all functionalities to help the new user but more experienced user can set functionalities as per his liking.