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About VibAnalystTM

VibAnalystTMis essentially a Vibration Route Collector and Analysis Software. It stands UNIQUE in many ways and excels in versatility of application and data management. It is designed to be a predictive analysis software, reducing planned and unplanned stoppages in any plant.

VibAnalystTM therefore represents a utility that has plant wide applications. It is an ever expanding utility aimed at improving UPTIME and increasing productivity. Factory Operations are dependent on control of machine vibrations. This is achieved through identification, detection, measurement and analysis. Simple hand-held devices like meters, data collectors and analyzers interact with VibAnalystTM for vibration analysis and diagnostics.

VibAnalystTM meets the need of efficient data management and intelligent analytical formatting. It has simple and intuitive data display and structuring facility that make it highly user friendly. In its current form VibAnalystTM is Vibration Data Collector cum Vibration Analysis and Route collector Software.

Vibration Analysis Software

Vibration Analysis is a Machine Condition Monitoring Technique used to check early signs of failure of machine function, allowing enough time to engineers to repair or replace before a costly breakdown occurs. Most modern way of ensuring an accurate and precise vibration analysis is to use a state-of-art Software or Vibration Route Manager software as it is synonymously called.

A Vibration Analysis Software is known by many names with a variation/ addition of few functionalities :

  • Vibration Diagnostic Software
  • Vibration Data Manager Software
  • Vibration Route Based Analysis Software
  • Vibration PdM Software
  • Vibration Post Analyser Software

Typical Vibration Analysis Software is capable of acquiring and analysing vibration measurements alongwith several interactive features. The software can continually interact with varying data analysis settings while logging data to disk for more analysis later. For example, engineers can vary the weighting and bandwidth of an octave spectrum while recording sound-level data, or adjust the window applied to a power spectrum while recording overall vibration readings.Extraction of parts of spectrum or rearranging the data to display Polar plots like Bode and Nyquist could be other examples.

Synonymously called Vibration Post Analysis Software or PdM ( Predictive maintenance ) Software, it essentially provides graphical and or data representation of Vibration / noise levels in a post processing mode and it can be used to generate reports.It also acts as a repository of measurements over time( hence the name - Vibration Data Manager Software). Users can analyse this data and plan maintenance tasks.

On Similar lines is a Vibration Route Based Analysis Software as the software collects vibration data on a pre-defined route in a plant.

PC & PC based Software Requirements.

Compatible with
  • Operating System

  • Processor

  • Memory (RAM)

  • Network

  • Screen Resolution

  • Disk space

  • Communication Port

  • Other
: Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8,      Windows 10.
: Pentium IV and all other higher versions.

: 512 MB(Recommended 2GB)

: Ethernet

: 1152 x 864

: 10 GB

: RS 232 Serial Port (9-Pin), USB port.

: CD-R Drive or USB port for installation

Software Requirements
  • ActiveSync (v4.5 or later)

  • Windows SqlServer CE

  • HASP Driver

  • MYSQL Server

: v4.5 or later for Rockwell and SKF Instruments.

: Latest Version.

: Mandatory

: Mandatory