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VibAnalystTM has Reporting feature for designing of layout of formats by interacting with other word processors / spread sheets. These customized reports could include spectra and trend and can be set at user's will and they can be generated even when other functions are being performed by the software.

VibAnalystTM offers Modifiable customized and Standard Report settings. It has some in-built report formats that can be generated by the user in various formats.


Optional Add Ons

VibAnalystTM is designed to be complete software on its own. This is in evolution process and it is plying to have much functionality which do not form part of the Basic Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis domain. Some of these features will become part of the VibAnalystTM .However these features are available as third party compatible software. Few of these are:

Frequency format for Anti friction bearing, pulleys and gears etc.

This feature is available through the Add-on Software namely, Bearing Expert. The fault frequencies of different components can be generated using this Software and these could be imported into VibAnalyst for applying to respective FFT spectrums.

Expert Fault Diagnosis and Interpretation

In order to assist the field engineers in analysis and diagnosis of the faults through the automated spectrum analysis, iLearn Interpreter could be a great help . VibAnalystTM has a direct compatibility with this tool and all VibAnalystTM Displays can be imported into it. This is a good technological combination to work with and could be supplied as an optional third party resource.

There are other similar resources available specially from MeScope (ODS Module) on request.